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Mrs. Rollins` Home Page 


**AS OF 8/4/2017 I will no longer be updating this webpage!!!

You can use the link below to connect to my new webpage.

  Mrs. Rollins' Science Page

















-You can keep up with what is going on in class by clicking on "Daily Assignment List" above


 **Starter activities should be copied each day in class and turned in on Fridays.  We will take a quiz each Friday based on the starter activities for the week. You can find a link to the Powerpoint for your starters above.

          -Pictures of foldables can be found in the "Photo Album." 


 -You can use this link to access your textbook online.


  Username: rbuilding12    Password: rollins



-You can use this link for articles related to our current topic.

 Use the key codes provided in your textbook. 


  **Brainpop   Username: lfmsstudent             Password: learn


        -We will work with vocabulary regularly.  A master list can be found under "forms".  We will take a vocabulary quiz periodically . Vocabulary sets will be posted to "QUIZLET", an online study website, a week in advance so you can study for vocabulary quizzes.  Links to vocabulary sets are posted below.  Students are encouraged to retake vocabulary quizzes.  They can see me to get a list of the terms they answered incorrectly. Evidence of further preparation is required. Students may write the missed terms and definitions three times each and attach to their quiz paper.  When these have been submitted to me the student may retake the quiz.

Link to ALL my Quizlet sets:

Vocabulary Quizzes:

Cell Organelles





Quiz 3/20/2017


Quiz 3/27/2017


Quiz 4/3/2017


Quiz 4/10/2017








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The links on this site are provided for educational and informational purposes.  While care has been used in selecting linked  websites to insure they are appropriate, I have no control over the content of outside websites, the links on outside websites, or the constantly changing internet.  If you see something questionable, please contact me on the link provided.