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Elementary School Rhapsody Choir Auditions and Band Placements
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018
April 9th & your Elementary School for more details

We are now scheduling auditions for the Lake Forest Middle School’s 2018-2019 Rhapsody and instrument
placements for Beginning Band at your elementary school.
Rhapsody is strictly an auditioned choir for students who will be in 6th Grade in 2018-2019. The choir will be offered
as an active performing group which provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate and share their musical
abilities in the community and other areas.
Beginning Band is also available to incoming 6th grade students. There is no audition, so all students interested in
Beginning Band are accepted. However, the band directors will place each student on their best suited instrument.
No previous musical experience is required; we teach the basic fundamentals of the instrument and reading music.
Audition/Band Placement times have been scheduled with your child’s current music teacher. 

If your child is unable to audition or be placed at this time, an alternate time has been scheduled at Lake Forest
Middle School in Building 6F (Rhapsody) and 6A (Band) from 4:00-5:00pm on Tuesday, April 17th. If you are unable
to make this time, please contact the directors to set up another time.

Thank you in advance for allowing your child this opportunity! If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward to
your child’s audition! You can contact us here at Lake Forest at 478-8821 or via email (email addresses listed below)

Elizabeth Fowler (
Michelle Johnson (
Jeremiah Pritchard (
Choral Directors

Mark Dortwegt (
Lindsey Shewbridge (
Band Directors

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