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Stevenson, Ritchie Principal
Sapp, Carissa Assistant Principal
Walsh, Terry Assistant Principal
Jenkins, Andy Athletic Director/Attendance Coordinator
Harrelson, Brandan Guidance Counselor
Kinder, Cana Guidance Counselor
Arnold, Stephanie Guidance Counselor

8th Grade, Building 4 Building Four
Advisory, Page Parents
Allen, Steve Special Services
Anderson, Ashley Science Building 11
Armstrong, Gypsy Building 9 - Social Studies
Asble, Stacy Tier 3 Reading
Beard, Blake Building 2 - Science
Bowe, Jermaine Building 8 - Math
Branham, Jeanie Building 1 - Science
Branham, Traci Physical Education/Wellness
Brown, Courtney Building 2 - Eng/Lang Arts
Byers, Tobi 6th/8th grade Math
Carden, Emily Building 10 - Eng/Lang Arts
Carman, Michelle Building 10 - Social Studies
Chai, Sheryl Building 1 - Eng/Lang Arts
Coates, Eddie Building 3 - Science
Coughlin-Cuffman, Megann Building 11 - Eng/Lang Arts
Curry-Kowal, Lauren Building 9 - Eng/Lang Arts
Dawe, Sarah Building 12- Math
Day, Rebecca Building 4 - Science
DeHart, Christie Building 1 - Eng/Lang Arts
Donegan, Ambra Building 8 Eng/Lang Arts
Dortwegt, Mark Director of Bands
Falls, Shelley Building 10 - Science
Flood, Rita Building 3 - Math
Green,  Kevin In-School Suspension
Green, Teresa Teaching Assistant - Special Education
Gregory, Joshua Building 8 - Social Studies
Gregory, Laura Building 4 - Math
Hamilton, Lisa Building 3 Eng/Lang Arts
Hicks, Rachel Instructional Coach
Hooker, Cheyenne 7th grade Math
Humberd, Leslie Building 2 - Math
Hunt, Tanner Band
Johnson, Michelle Show Choir
Judge, Victoria Building 8 - Eng/Lang Arts
Kibler, Janet Building 9 - Eng/Lang Arts
Kibler, Jim Physical Education/Wellness
Kirkpatrick, Adam Building 1 - Math
Kirkpatrick, Judson Building 3 - Eng/Lang Arts
Kirksey, Cana Building 4 - Eng/Lang Arts
Kunnemann, Sara Related Arts - Art
Lay, Tammie Special Services
Lombard, Shirleen Special Services
Maxwell, Alex Eng/Lang Arts Building 12
McAmis, Angie Building 1 - Social Studies
Miller, Joy Building 10 - Math
Mitchell, Julie Building 12 - Social Studies
Moody, Stephanie Building 11 - Eng/Lang Arts
Moore, Jessica Special Services
Moseley, Lindsey Building 10- Eng/Lang Arts
Nelson, Drew Science Building 8
Nipper, Andrew Physical Education/Wellness
Ortego, Stephanie Special Services
Pennell, Jenny Principal's Administrative Assistant
Pritchard, Jeremiah Show Choir/Drama
Rogers, Alaina Building 2 - Eng/Lang Arts
Rollins, Sheryl Building 12 - Science
Sapp, Carissa Assistant Principal
Selby, Paige Math Building 11
Sermons, Kristen Physical Education/Wellness
Snyder, Brandy Building 9 - Science
Stevenson, Ritchie Principal
Still, Todd P.E. / Wellness
Umlauf, Tracy Building 3 - Social Studies
Viviano, Christy Librarian
Viviano, Jason Technology and Media
Walsh, Terry Assistant Principal
Ware, Elizabeth 6th/7th grade Math
Watson, Shelley Building 9 - Math
Weber, Gary Building 11 - Social Studies
Weber, Kelley Building 4 - Eng/Lang Arts
Weeks, Joseph Building 4 - Social Studies
Wenger, Joshua Choir
West, Patti 6th grade Math
Winters, Robbie Building 2 - Social Studies
Wright, Wendy Building 12 - Eng/Lang Arts

Allen, Jennifer Cafeteria - Accounts Manager
Colkmire, Sharon School Nurse
Ensminger, Ryan Wrestling Coach
Green, Teresa Teaching Assistant - Special Education
Hodges, Pam Accounting Office
Mowery, Cathy Administrative Assistant - Special Education
Ogle, Jamie Administrative Assistant - Assistant Principals
Ogle, Kelly Reading Specialist Assistant
Pennell, Jenny Principal's Administrative Assistant
Rymer, Sonya Guidance Department Administrative Assistant
Walker, Cecil Cafeteria Manager
Woodward, Paula Media Center - Clerk