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Uniform Information
Additional Notes
All shirts must either have a collar or have a direct relationship to Lake Forest Middle School. All shirts must have a minimum of a three inch sleeve. All collared shirts may be solid, striped, or plaid. Students may wear a T-Shirt that has a direct relationship to Lake Forest. (For example, LFMS club T-shirts, LFMS athletic T-shirts, LFMS team T-shirts, etc.) Tops, shirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back, shoulders, and cleavage. Unacceptable items include (but are not limited to) items with a low neckline and see through material. Hoods MAY NOT be worn over the head. Sweaters, vests, and sweatshirts worn as outer garments in the classroom must comply with appropriate sizing and other applicable provisions previously addressed in this standardized dress. All shirts worn under sweaters, vests, and sweatshirts must comply with the Top Wear guidelines. All apparel must be appropriately sized. Sagging, bagging, flagging, or any type of gang identification clothing or paraphernalia is a dress violation (This includes gothic dress). Male students will not be allowed to wear finger nail polish or eye make-up. Any clothing that advertises, depicts, or displays alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal substances, profanity, sexual innuendos, racially/religiously inflammatory language or pictures of any kind are strictly prohibited. Long, large and/or heavy chains, studded or chained accessories are prohibited, including belt and wallet chains. Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must approach the knees. If jeans and other acceptable pants are distressed (holes), distressed areas in pants are not to show skin. Skin-tight items such as leggings or tights are to be covered by bottom wear of appropriate length that should approach the knees. Items which are deemed unacceptable include (but are not limited to) stretch pants, nylon, spandex, leather, fleece, suede, velour, sweat pants, gym shorts, jogging pants, and sleepwear. No unnaturally colored hair or visible body piercing with the exception of the ear will be allowed. No piercing jewelry of any kind that is a safety hazard may be worn. Students will be asked to remove jewelry not in compliance with this rule. Band-aid cover-ups and clear spaces-savers will not be allowed. Any hair style that is deemed a distraction which disrupts the educational learning environment will not be allowed. Head wear worn by both male and female students must be removed and put away once the student arrives at school. Students wearing head wear during the school day will have head wear item(s) confiscated.